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100,000 Documents and Counting (with Nathan Story)

100,000 Documents and Counting (with Nathan Story)

Nathan Story introduces State Reference — a huge, growing collection of Massachusetts public records that will be indispensable for journalists and researchers
A screenshot from the computer game Baldur's Gate depicting the Candlekeep Library, a huge stone building covered in dark-blue steeples and surrounded by a flower garden and several fountains.
Like the Candlekeep Library in Baldur’s Gate, Nathan Story’s new website, State Reference, is a huge and indispensable collection of knowledge.

“It’s really fun to send out FOIAs. It’s just really cool — you send an email to a town clerk or a police department or whatever, and you ask for something, and then they give it to you. It feels very powerful. It feels like Christmas when I see one of those emails on my phone.” — Nathan Story

For the sixth episode of Lights Out Mass, we speak with Nathan Story, the programmer and records aficionado behind State Reference — a huge, searchable collection of Massachusetts public records that will soon prove to be an indispensable resource for journalists and researchers.

We discuss Nathan’s old project, Woke Windows, and how it led him to conceive State Reference, the importance of machine-readable text and other seemingly stodgy technical details, how Nathan used web scraping to amass his huge collection of documents, why journalists should show their work, why it’s so goddamn annoying when cities and towns don’t post their email addresses online — and how Andrew is very envious that Jeff and Nathan are playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

Stick around at the end for a bonus discussion of, the infamously infuriating website for state trial-court records.

(Sorry about the issue with Nathan’s audio quality. We fixed it a few minutes into the podcast, so please don’t let it scare you off!)

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  • Nathan’s old website, Woke Windows, contains a wealth of information about the Boston Police Department, although it’s no longer updated

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