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One Brother’s Fight for the Future of Police Transparency (with Eric Mack)

One Brother’s Fight for the Future of Police Transparency (with Eric Mack)

A cop killed his brother. Now, Mack’s lawsuit could set important limits on police secrecy in Massachusetts.
Anthony Harden (left) was shot to death by a Fall River police officer in 2021. Next to Harden are his brothers (from left to right) Carl Harden, Antone Harden, and Eric Mack. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mack)

“I think it’s very important that I bring this fight to its conclusion, because there are a lot of families out there. A lot of them don’t ever find out who shot their loved one because there are district attorneys out here saying we don’t have to release the name, which is not true at all.” — Eric Mack

On November 22, 2021, Fall River police officer Chelsea Campellone shot and killed 30-year-old Anthony Harden in his bedroom. Since then, Harden’s brother Eric Mack has been fighting for access to the investigative records that could shed some light on what happened that night.

For the eighth episode of Lights Out Mass, we talk with Mack about his lingering questions and suspicions about the shooting, his lawsuit to force the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office to release more records, the important ramifications the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s interpretation of a 2020 police reform law will have for transparency of police shootings and misconduct in the state, the DA’s strained arguments for its secrecy, and why it’s OK to hate (some) lawyers.

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