Newspapers shouldn't publish propaganda for police who kill people in crisis
In Massachusetts, elected officials make policy under a veil of darkness unlike anything in the rest of the country
Public records laws are necessary for holding government accountable
What to do when government officials ignore your records request, try to charge excessive fees, or make overbroad exemption claims
Governor Healey gaslights public after breaking promise to not claim her office is exempt from state’s public records law

February 2023

Governor Healey can’t have it both ways on transparency
Healey administration claims providing basic records would “interfere” with governor’s “responsibilities”
Yusef Salaam spent nearly seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit
Supervisor of public records leaves public with no recourse when Healey administration keeps records secret
The decision means records about the Baker administration’s response to COVID and other issues are off limits
A decade’s worth of records show civilian complaints against cops never led to punishment
Despite promising to do things differently, Governor Healey’s public records policy is identical to her predecessors’